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  • 春节到了英语作文


    Spring Festival is coming, and the streets gradually become crowded up.

    Walking the streets, the streets more and more people. Are sold lantern, the lamp painted a variety of characters, there is Chang, with Hou Yi, and so. On the street also has Mai Hua, and painted the same seems to be true.

    New Year's scrolls are sold above some of the words "Inter-Chun Yun-weather new people every flourishing habitat Habitat stability." There are selling firecrackers everywhere hear the voice of firecrackers. There is also a short story it told.

    Has there been a big monster, the total came out every New Year, so people are afraid, so people will hold a New Year chopsticks knock basin, That the monsters sent packing. People want, we can not always knock pot it, if we do then how bad knock. Thus, people invented firecrackers. As long as a Chinese New Year, people setting off firecrackers, fireworks bring the voices of monsters sent packing, the monster also can not come back, people are not afraid. Gradually became the Chinese New Year firecrackers, customs and traditions. There on the street selling "fu" word. Chinese New Year, the "blessing" the word affixed upside down, people would say fu down, and also said that the family's good fortune arrived.

    Faster than the Spring Festival, and on the street, but Zhenre Nao ah!

    the ing 传统节日作文 可爱的家乡作文 民间艺术作文 语文工作总结

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